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This Maine Coon Walks 12 Miles To Get Back Home! Right Back To The Family Who No Longer Wants Him

They gave him away to another family. But he missed them so much he walked 12 miles to be home with the family he loved.

After giving their cat away, what was Toby’s reward for such love and devotion? These caring people took the Maine Coon who loved them on a trip to a North Carolina shelter to be euthanized. When the shelter staff asked why the family said, “it was because they no longer wanted him.”

Screenshot via Youtube/Slideshow of Animals

This appalling attitude was unacceptable to the shelter staff.

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-He broke out of the shelter, crossing busy roads and railway lines, just to find her.

He was missing for four days! Somehow during that time, paralyzed he had dragged himself home.

They refused to put him down and rang the SPCA of Wake County to see if they would take Toby in and find him a home.

Screenshot via Youtube/Slideshow of Animals

It wasn’t long before they got a response.

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