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A Flock Of Kittens Or A Litter Of Furry Chics?

Day after day this hard-working hen diligently lays eggs, and day after day the nasty humans keep stealing them. So what’s a broody hen got to do?

This frustrated hen decides to steal someone else’s babies of course. I can’t say I blame her, most humans can’t resist the urge to hold and cuddle kittens either. Especially these irresistible little guys.

Courtesy of virnovus

This feathered fiend took it one step further by becoming especially broody and taking on the mothering role herself. She decided that these kittens were hers and that was all there was to it, it didn’t matter what Moma cat had to say about the issue.

Courtesy of virnovus

How she managed to pull off this feline abduction in the first place remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure Moma cat did not give up and managed to retain partial custody of these cute little fur balls. Both the hen and Moma cat share nesting responsibilities, which must be a great relief to the kittens as there is only one parent that can feed this hungry furry flock.

Courtesy of virnovus

We can’t get over this chicken sitting on all these kittens like they’re her little chickies.

As Reddit user virnovus, who posted these pictures, tells us in the post “This dummy stole a litter of kittens from their mother, believing they were hers. She wouldn’t let the mother near them. But eventually, they learned to share!”

Are these kittens going to grow up to believe they are cats or chickens or half-cats-half-chickens?

Maybe someday we’ll get answers to our burning questions. Until then, we’ll be here still cracking up over these pics of a stoic chicken sitting on a bunch of bewildered-looking kitties.

Whether these burning questions will be answered or not remains to be seen, whatever happens, you can check out a broody hen and her kittens below.

Check out this video:

Watch, laugh and please share with your cat loving friends and family.

H/T to vironovus.

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