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Takai the Terrific! A Pixiebob Story

Meet Joanie’s special baby Takai, she fell in love with him at first sight and it is easy to see why he’s adorable.

It was a bit of mission picking Takai up from his location in Florida and bringing him home. But with a bit of love and persistance, they achieved their goal and Takai is now part of Joanie’s family.

Takai our Pixie Bob kitten was born 4-15-16 at “Living Legends Pixie Bobs “out of Winter Park Fl.

We found Takai who’s TICA name was Dottie, online. Shari Fedewa flew Takai to Seattle on 11-9-2016. My wife’s best friend, Cherie gave Takai to us as my wife Joanie fell in love with their Pixie Bob Lucy who is 18.

Takai is insured, microchipped and on a raw diet. He lives indoors or in his fenced Catio I put up, though it is still a work in progress. Takai’s hobbies include staying in his Catio in the backyard as much as possible, watching squirrels, ducks, and TV.

He also likes watching golf carts whizz by & any golfing action. Anything that gets in Takai’s Catio is toast, she is always on point for “intruders ” in her Catio, ( bugs, leaves ). We love our Takai.

Thank you Joanie for sharing Takai with everyone at the kittencatpost.

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