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She Was Found Fending For Herself Inside An Old Grain Elevator

Meet Bj Gorder’s cat, Kenny. Kenny was found in an old grain elevator in Wahpeton North Dakota.

Of course, Bj could not leave her there alone to fend for herself so she was brought home and very quickly became a part of Bj’s family.

A good sized cat, Bj thinks that Kenny is about 80%, Maine Coon. She has all the attributes that come with Maine Coonstoo, those being, very, cuddly and affectionate, along with high intelligence.

Here’s what Bj has to say about Kenny:

“We have, a Maine Coon, her name is Kenny she turned 4 in November, we figure she’s about 80%, Coon.”

“I found her when she was a baby in an old grain elevator in Wahpeton ND.”

When I asked Bj if I could put Kenny in the Kitten Cat Post Hall of Fame the response was, “it would be an honor, and if Kenny could talk
(well, she DOES but not English) she would agree with me.”

But I think we at the Kitten Cat Post are the ones who are honored. Thank you, Bj, for sharing Kenny with us.

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