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A Cat With Two Mums And A Very Scandinavian Meow

Hello! Napoleon speaking. I am so proud to be featured here in the hall of fame for us furfriends, as the superstar I am!

Modest? No, never been one of my strong suites.

Courtesy of Napoleon, Märta and Maria

I was born in the middle of Sweden’s countryside, raised by Gina and Johan for one year. Just when I was about to lose my virginity and start a family, so did Gina and Johan… Couldn´t the little lion baby (as they called him) have waited?! I just couldn´t perform knowing my human family was now at the hospital hoping for the baby lion to survive after birth with his heart failure.

But afterward, I realized it was for the best that I shot blank and left the female kitty very much NOT pregnant.
I am the original, the One and Only there is, so there is no need for another copy of a cat like me,???? at least I think so. My current Moms, however (yes there are two of them and yes they are lesbos) didn’t think so.

Courtesy of Napoleon, Märta and Maria

They were very sad ‘cos they really wanted a little mini-me. I can’t blame them can I????. But just around that time, the Dr told my daddy Johan that his allergy had started again and it was not possible to keep the cat (aka me!) in the house anymore!!! It was a bit of a trauma for me (and Gina and Johan) but let’s just say Ginas sister Märta (one of my current lesbo moms) and her girlfriend Maria, was thrilled when asked to adopt The Original (yes, me again!)

I was scared and confused and everyone was moving, shifting houses/apartments at the same time so I was exhausted when finally arriving at my new home in Stockholm with Märta and Maria. And from there my life has been an increasing love story. From being a countryside cat to become Napoleon – The Cat in Stockholm. And yes, my Moms love me like the superstar I am. ????

Courtesy of Napoleon, Märta and Maria

Psst…Welcome to follow my fluffy life in Stockholm with Märta and Maria on Facebook and Instagram!

With lots of love and fluff Napoleon – The Cat in Stockholm.

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