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Yes, I Am The Lone Rangers Cat, And No, You Cannot Be Tonto

Sometimes on our journey through life, we pick things up that just stay with us. They can be memories, experiences or physical things we just can’t let go. Or it can even be something you saw that you just can’t get out of your head.

For me, it’s this cat dubbed Panda Cat on the internet. As soon as I saw her I wanted to know more about her, but all there seem to be are a couple of photos. Cat’s are mysterious creatures anyway, but Panda Cat has more than just a little of that air of mystery about her that’s for sure.

Some people have said she looks like a Racoon, and as the name suggests, others have said she looks like a Panda. To me, it doesn’t really matter which camp you’re in because I think she’s beautiful, and anyway, I’m in the “Lone Rangers Cat” camp.

She is like other cats in that she’s obviously a beautiful animal with a very sweet face. However, unlike other cats, she looks more different than others of her species. This is a cat that has clearly found it in her best interest to embrace her unique and very cool look, too.

Even with that much black shading around her eyes, she’s still clearly a cat. However, she’s really pretty. We are so in love with her unique face and her big, green eyes. We might not know to whom she belongs, how old she might be or if she looks like her mother or father or siblings, but we know that she’s awfully pretty.

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