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Where Not To Put Your Paw! Curiosity Almost Kills This Cat!

And potentially fatal!

This cat had a very hair-raising, or should I say fur-raising experience.

But all jokes aside this is one lucky cat, he could have been killed doing what he did.

Cats, as we know, are highly intelligent, but no cat can predict what will happen when they put their paw into a live electrical box.

Curiosity very definitely almost killed this cat!

The cats shocked expression caused a twitter explosion.

Your cat is now famous in india also 3:26 AM – Aug 10, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Dev Sharma’s other Tweets

The Twitter user @owurakuwaa. said that its curiosity nearly ended its life and said that the cat would have got a mild electrical shock during her exploration of the switchboard.

Since being shared on the web, the tweet has gathered more than 13,000 ‘likes’ and a number of comments. The majority of people can’t stop giggling at the cat’s muddled expression.

I am just hoping that this was filmed by an in-home security camera and someone was not knowingly filming the poor cat playing with live wires

For more details please go to

He didn’t have a cat when he went to work, but he had one when he came home!

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