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This Is The Moment You Know How Much Your Humans Truly Love You!

Cats, as we all know love to play. To them, almost nothing is off-limits, the sofa, the carpet and yes, even toilet paper.

Meet Pusic, he lives in Belarussia with his Mom and his Dad. They found Pusic when they returned home one day from a trip to another city. They head faint meow’s coming from a nearby box, and to their surprise found a tiny kitten inside.

His eyes had not yet opened, he clearly needed help so they took him inside and began to take care of him.

Image credits: CatPusic

With their loving care, Pusic as they named him, got stronger and stronger, becoming part of their family. He grew into a very curious, highly intelligent cat, who loves to show his affection. Often standing on his hind legs to give hugs, and if he gets the chance, lick faces.

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So Pusics parents decided to post of video of the face licking and hind leg hugs. Almost overnight Pusic became an internet sensation, he got over 100 million views on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and those views continue to climb.

Image credits: CatPusic

Though he lives in an apartment complex he often goes out for family walks on a leash. But only on days when the weather is nice, he has such an inquisitive nature he likes to see everything. He is truly one spoiled kitty, the couple gives him lots of attention often giving him new gifts to play with.

Image credits: CatPusic

This includes toilet paper, he loves it so much sometimes they have to keep the bathroom door closed. Pusic loves the stuff so much his parents decided to give him a surprise. They decked out the whole living room with it and set up a camera, the footage was to become the stuff of legend.

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