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When The Adoption Councilor Turned Away He Stuffed The Kitten Up His Shirt And Ran

While interviewing a man she turned away to get help for one of his questions when volunteers saw him put the cat under his shirt and run out of the campus.

Zeus a 12-week old kitten was stolen from the Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope Campus last week with a man stuffing him under his sweatshirt and taking off out of the building.

The man must have had a change of heart though as according to Phoenix Pd on June 7 he called the police to turn himself in. 18-year-old Joan Reyes was charged with one count of theft, but would not tell police where Zeus was?

You can watch the news clip here:

On Monday, police followed up with Reyes about the location of Zeus and were able to locate Zeus through the course of their investigation and return him to AHS.

Phoenix PD

“We are so grateful to have Zeus back safely and can’t thank Detective Krimm (Phoenix PD) enough for going above and beyond,” said Jane Herrera, Arizona Humane Society Adoptions, Rescue & Retail Manager. “We’d also like to thank the media and all of our supporters for sharing this story so we could ensure he came back quickly and unharmed.”

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