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When She Got Her Cat In 1988, She Didn’t Expect to Be Doing This 30 Years Later

30 years ago, Michele Foster brought home a cat and named him Rubble. That was in 1988, little did she know what she would be doing in 2019?

Rubble and Michele live in Exeter, England, where Rubble has very definitely burned through all of his nine lives and then some. Now one of the worlds oldest cats he carries his age very well with a very definite spring in his step.

Rubble gets treated like a king because of the great care Michele gives him, though one thing that does go with old age for some people is grumpiness. That’s something the Rubble does have in spades. Michele does not seem to think that Rubble will ever end up in the Guinness Book of Records simply because Rubble does not like having people around.

The oldest cat in the world was a cat called Creme Puff, who made to 38 years of age, all told. Still, though, Michelle is proud of Rubble for making it to 30 and remembers fondly back to 1988 when Rubble entered her life. She was single and a little lonely at the time and made the decision to get a kitten from the littler of a friend of her sisters. Since then they have never looked back.


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