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When He Took His Cat To The Groomer He Looked Like This. No One Expected Him To Come Home Looking Like This!

Most of us have had haircuts that we have found to be less than desirable, knowing that what’s been done can not be undone is not easy. This cat, however, is rolling with his new look with ease!?

Oliver the cat went to the pet groomer looking pretty much like any other long-haired cat, a handsome feline with nice silky fur that flows in the wind. At least that’s how he looked when he went, but when he came back he looked very different!

Image credits: Caitlin Christine

Twitter user Caitlin recently dropped a tweet about Oliver that has quickly gone viral. You see what Caitlin thought was a bad haircut was not really an accident at all.

And Oliver has become a bit of a feline-fashionista, showing off his new look for the whole world to see with his own Instagram account.

Image credits: Caitlin Christine

According to Caitlin here is how Oliver got his new do. It all starts with a screenshot of her Mom with some pics of Oliver sporting his new look, attached to the picture are Caitlins Moms own words, “I’m so done with today!”

More cats with interesting looks, though some looks are more permanent than others.

She posted a screenshot of her mom’s text along with photos of Oliver with his new look and captioned it “I’m so done with today.”

Image credits: Caitlin Christine

We will leave it up to you to decide whether the haircut is “ridiculous” (as Caitlin’s mom said) or “avant-garde.”

Oliver was taken to the groom by Caitlin’s dad.

Image credits: ollietheslinkycat

“My father told them [grooms] to cut him like a tiger to play a joke on my mom,” Caitlin told Bored Panda. “My family loved it, we were all cracking up! My mom, however…..

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