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“What’s Wrong With My Cat?” 21 Cats Caught Malfunctioning In The Most Bizarre Positions, Often In The Most Bizarre Places

Cats always appear to be at the top of their game when it comes to living life. Highly agile they seem capable of doing anything.

However, cats can, and sometimes do, malfunction! Causing many people to ask, “what’s wrong with my cat?” In fact, there is a whole virtual world on subreddit that is completely dedicated to recording photos of cats caught behaving in a super weird fashion.

Photo Courtesy of u/MsNikky

It’s named rather appropriately r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat. Right below we are featuring some of the funniest pictures of cats malfunctioning cats tfrom this online community. Enjoy!

1# Bikinicat.exe Stopped Working

Photo Courtesy of jasontaken

2# He Is Laying On His Back On Top Of The Cabinets With His Eyes Wide Open, Just Staring At The Ceiling

Photo Courtesy of soccer-law

3# He’s About To Speak Italian

Photo Courtesy of fyaeReport

4# *visible Confusion*

Photo Courtesy of bajinglez

5# Malfunctioning again, needs rewiring

6# Got the splits

7# How she got here we don’t know?

9# Hmmmmm….

10# This is as good a place as any to take a nap

Some cats seem to have the unique ability to sleep anywhere, no matter what position they happen to be in.

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Other cats also seem to be able to sit in any position, no matter how strange. Check out the guy below!!

11# I’m perfectly comfortable, thank you for asking

12# All Bow Down To The Light

Photo Courtesy of icant-chooseone

13# He Didn’t fall asleep in this position, but this is how he woke up!

14# Think Batteries Are Low

Photo Courtesy of Kimmsrevenge

15# Ummmmm..

16# Malfunctioning At 2 Am

Photo Courtesy of loafjunky

17# Is This What They Call Cubism?

Photo Courtesy of bajinglez

18# Whatever Is Comfy I Guess

Photo Courtesy of ryan4637

19# He’s Trying To Pass Out In Adorable!

Photo Courtesy of llullabyY1

20# Poked his tongue in, now he can’t get it out!

Lets face it, there really is nothing quite like cat logic.


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