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What Happened Next Would Change Their Lives Forever

In the summer of 2014 Imgur user LiedoePala back to work from her lunch break when she heard some weak plaintive meows coming from under a nearby dumpster. They sounded like cries for help!

LiedoePala went to investigate and found a tiny, cute and completely helpless little kitten very much in need of all the love care and attention LiedoePala could give.

Photo: LiedoePala

It seemed pretty clear the kitten was dumped there, as it was not the type of place a Moma cat would deliver her kittens. Plus there was no sign of any other cats or kittens in the area.

LiedoePala took the tiny lifeform to the vet to get checked over and the news was not good.

To find out what happened to the little kitten click next below!

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