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What Do You When A Bear Strays Into Your Yard? Run Inside And Hide Or Unleash The Cat?

That was the decision facing New Jersey woman, Donna Dickey, in the end for her the decision was an easy one.

Because the whole situation was taken care of by her cat Jack. The bear got far more than it bargained for after wandering into her yard in the U.S state of New Jersey.

He was forced not once, but twice up two trees by the ferocious feline, not a good look for a black bear that’s for sure.

The petrified bear only made its escape once Donna called her hissing cat away from the base of the last tree the cat chased it up and into her home. He doesn’t like anyone in his yard she explained to local media.

Ms Dickey said Jack liked to keep a close watch on his territory and often chased away small animals, but one of this size was a first.
“We used to joke, ‘Jack’s on duty’, never knowing he’d go after a bear,” Donna Dickey told local newspaper The Star-Ledger.

The bear was first spotted in the tree by neighbors who thought the 15lb (7kg) cat was just looking up at it.

They then realized the bear was afraid of the cat.

After some 15 minutes, the bear descended but was chased up another tree, before finally making its escape when Jack was called indoors.

Bear sightings are not unusual in the area of West Milford in New Jersey, which experts say is one of the state’s most bear-populated areas.

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