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21+ Unforgettable Moments Of Cats Patiently Teaching Their Humans There Is No Such Thing As Personal Space!

The only personal space that cats really seem to care about is their own.

They don’t really mind letting us know when we are in it either, when they have had enough, they have had enough. However, cats tell us pretty quickly that our personal space is theirs too!

That’s right, whether you in the shower or sitting on the john don’t be surprised to see a beautiful pair of feline eyes looking right at you.

Courtesy of lysr777

Whether you fast asleep in bed or taking a nap on the couch, don’t be surprised to wake up gasping for breath with a cat sitting on your face!

Courtesy of Kristýna Dvořáčková

Just remember that when a cat chooses to become a part of your family, “you are the chosen one,” but they’re the boss, that’s all there is to it! Also remember how lucky you really are, because it also means they love you more than anything. However, they also need to supervise just about every part of your life.

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Here are 21 unforgettable moments of our feline friends invading their human’s purrsonal space, often with hilarious results.

1/ Every Time!

Courtesy of Eduardo Flores

2/ Say hello to Teemo on his 3-mo bday, trying to get my attention while working

Courtesy of xblade724

3/ Don’t Worry Guys… It’s Not Like I Ever Need To Move My Legs Again… Or Go To The Bathroom

Courtesy of Robin Marshall

4/ This Is A Perfect Place For Me To Sit

Courtesy of Imgur

5/ Best Place To Sit

Courtesy of tigerose4242

6/ Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy

Courtesy of Imgur

6/ No privacy at all….

Courtesy of Imgur

7/ The Pharaoh Personally Supervised His Slaves On Building His Pyramid

Courtesy of RIzviRizvi

8/ Every Morning When I Brush My Teeth

Courtesy of inkspecialist

9/ You Will Have No Alone Time. Ever.

Courtesy of Ruthie Parry

10/ Cat Ownership Summed Up

Courtesy of hightechkid9


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