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Want To Live Longer? Get A Maine Coon

It’s no secret that owning a cat is said to help us live a longer, healthier and happier life.

And there are many breeds to choose from, however, a Maine Coon is a loving and faithful companion, that we can almost guarantee. A large cat, they are very expressive, very friendly, open and love about as much attention as you can give them. Some people even say its almost the same as having a dog.

Great news for those of you who want to have some of the benefits of owning a dog without really owning one. It’s large size also means a large brain, making this cat breed one of the more intelligent there is. And just like a dog it is also easily trained. What really sets this cat apart from other breeds is the love and desire to be around water.

Let’s face it, most cats seem to hate even the thought of a pool, bath or even touching water. But Maine Coons will practically go out of its way to find and enjoy the water. If you need more convincing to get one of these amazing cats, perhaps you could also consider that having a Maine Coon will give you better health and, therefore lengthen your life.

Trying to talk other members of your own family to buy or adopt a cat, in the case of a Maine Coon one that’s so expensive. Especially when there are so many cats crying out for homes in shelters across the country. The Maine Coon is not exactly the easiest to find in shelters so the choice is very definitely yours to make. So whatever cat breed you want here are some reasons to convince others you are making a good choice. And why the Maine Coon might be the top of your list.

Cats To Reduce Stress

Medical studies show, and some would say prove that having a pet Maine Coon – is a healthy way to keep down stress levels and even curb anxiety. Even the action of stroking your cat is said to calm the senses, reducing all kinds of stress and therefore anxiety. In some studies, people with high levels of stress, or anxiety, even both, were given cats to stroke and indeed their levels of stress and or anxiety reduced as they stoked the cats. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, might a cat be a good thing to come home to?

Cats Are Great For Babies

There are people who think that having a new baby with a feline in their house at the same house is not a good idea, medical studies have shown that babies who cohabitate with cats in homes are less likely to succumb to some allergies. Being around some allergens helps kids develop a kind of resistance to allergies, making their immune system stronger.

Cats Can Reduce Levels Of Depression

Whilst there is no way a cat can actually cure depression, those who have depression are less likely to suffer severe attacks with a cat in their home. Whether it’s just watching cats play their cat games and do their cat things, or having someone in the house who does not judge you or get upset with you may help those Americans who suffer from this debilitating illness. Those who suffer from depression are provided with stress relief and a distraction with a cat in the house, and that at the very least is likely to help them have less stress in their lives.

Need more convincing, watch the video below:
Cats Lower Blood Pressure

Studies show that people who own cats have significantly lower levels of blood pressure than people who do not own cats. The reason for this is really an accompaniment to the fact that cats reduce stress and anxiety. Since stress and anxiety are enough to cause an individual’s blood pressure to rise, it makes sense that a lack of these things would cause a person’s blood pressure to level off. This can also reduce a person’s risk of other health issues, such as stroke and heart disease. All in all, this goes to show that owning a Maine Coon is a great way to live a longer, healthier life.

Cats Help People Cope with Loss

Losing someone you love is a difficult time in anyone’s life, and a cat can actually help people cope. It could be the fact that cats relieve stress and anxiety and make depression symptoms a little less noticeable, or it could be any number of other factors. For example, the reason cats can help cope with a loss could be due to the fact that cats are companions. They can’t say the wrong thing. Your Maine Coon isn’t going to offer you any condolences. He’s just going to continue on with his antics, allowing you to pet him and love on him and make yourself feel better. Because these cats are so friendly and outgoing, you will find it difficult to ignore how easily they can make you smile.

And because these cats love to be around you, it might help that your Maine Coon is going to join you in the shower to play in the water or in the drive when you are washing the car (though it’s better to keep cats as indoor pets in many cases) simply because he wants to play in the water. Whatever it is about this breed, it’s a wonderful cat to own. It’s going to make you an overall happier person, and that is going to make you a healthier person. The healthier you are, the longer you will live.

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