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This Loyal Cat Still Shows Up Every Day Looking For His Best Friend

They took her to the vet and an x-ray was done, the news was not good.

Gracie had cancer, nothing could be done for her, it was just after her 12th birthday. She spent the remainder of her days in her favorite place, in the backyard, lying on her porch. Gracie’s family thing this gave her some form of relief, a sort of peace. They also think she was saying goodbye to her yard and to all of her friends.

“Baby Gray came to see her several times in her last days and, while they did not eat tomato, the two of them were just there to be together. They had that kind of connection where nothing needed to be said or done. They just wanted to be with each other. “

“She had a sweet personality. She was a friend of all and was very motherly, especially for our Yorkie, ” Shea said.

Gracie died in November 2017, less than a month after her diagnosis. And although her death has been very difficult for everyone, Baby Gray seems to be dealing with her pain by celebrating a special kind of vigil for her friend.

That’s it, or she refuses to believe that the dog has really left.

It has been a year since Gracie passed away, a dog that was the best friend of the cat Baby Gray. But, she still shows up for her scheduled appointments. Like a clock, she walks around the yard every day and stops at the sliding door, hoping that her friend will come running to meet her in the glass. There, she waits, sometimes for 20 minutes, or longer.

Since the death of Gracie, several times a week Baby Gray arrives at the patio, first arrives at the door and looks for Gracie, sometimes waits 20 minutes and then goes to the porch where she sits for a while before she finally gets down and sunbathes.

“It breaks my heart to see Baby Gray still looking for Gracie. But at the same time it gives me a lot of hope that these two animals had such a strong bond, ” say’s Shea.

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Despite the pain he was in, when she picked him up for the very first time, this very unique kitten purred.

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