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This Kitten’s Eyes Were Perfectly Normal Until One Day Something Strange Happened

Adopted from a rescue group as a kitten she was perfectly normal in all respects, including her cute kitten’s eyes. Then one day something strange happened that changed her families life.

Matilda’s humans adopted her in 2013 from a local rescue group, at the time she was as healthy as a kitten could be. Then one day something strange happened, one of her eyes went completely black. It was as if someone had switched off the lights in just one eye.

Understandably worried her family took Matilda to the vets to find out what was going on.

They wanted to know what could cause an otherwise normal cats eyes to just suddenly change like that?

They also wanted to know if it would affect her overall health, would Matilda need surgery? Worst of all, would she lose her sight?

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What they learned was astonishing.

To find out what was going on click 2 below!

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