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This Is What He Found The Day After Christmas?

The day after Christmas is for many of us, a day of relaxation, getting over excess in its many forms, especially food. Maybe clearing a bit of trash, but for Jimmy and his family the day turned out very differently.

The day after Christmas in Australia is known as boxing day, and what better way to celebrate the birth of the Lord by saving lives. On a hot summers day, Jimmy and his family were out in their yard when they heard tiny meows coming from some bushes, going to investigate they found a Moma cat and her baby kittens.

Jimmy found a box and filled it with towels and helped the new family into it. There were seven babies and they were almost brand new, very dirty, needing a lot of care and attention.

After taking the cats inside his home, he went back several times to ensure he did not miss any of the kittens and that there was not any left outside alone and helpless.

When he finally realized that he had rescued all the kittens, he went back inside and began to care for the cat. His family named the mama Mocha and when he reached into the box to pet her, she softly meowed and accepted his welcome with ease.

It’s then that the family knew they would keep these cats and they would make them their own. Mocha made it clear she knew that the family was going to help her and her babies, and that’s the end of this happy story.

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