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This Is The Shot He Sent Just Before The Operation!

Meesemaus, a Reddit user, sent his cat to the vet to be neutered, what he wasn’t expecting was this photo the vet took just prior to the operation!

One Reddit user said the poor feline looked like a “high school lunch lady.!” Needless to say, the cat looked unusually calm for a cat at the vets, so he clearly didn’t know what was about to happen?

The complete opposite to this cat waiting for its operation.

Or perhaps he has just received his shot and is in the early stages of being tranquilized, oblivious to the fact that two of his furry assets will be gone when he wakes up.

“Vet sent us this picture of our kitten before he got neutered.”

It has to be said, this hilarious portrait got everybody laughing. This little guy is going to miss his fur pom poms back there, but he’s now back at home and not all is lost !!

“Update: came home (without his stylish head gear, sorry guys) safe and sound. He’s hamming it up right now and getting all the cuddles in while purring like a motor,” meesemaus shared on reddit. “Most importantly he is safe and loved.”

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