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She Is Breathtakingly Big. But Along With Her Unbelievable Size, She Is Unbelievably Cute Too!

She is huge that is in no doubt! But its how huge she is that is almost unbelievable, but along with her unbelievable size, she’s unbelievably cute too.

Her name is Lotus, and knowing Maine Coon’s her owner probably has the biggest cuddle bunny ever too. Known for their huge size they are also known as being very affectionate along with having more of a love of water than other domestic cats.

Also, highly intelligent and good-natured they like to be around people without being too needy. Not known as being a lap cat they do love cuddles and love kittenish play well into their adulthood.

Males can sometimes show quite silly behavior when playing, whereas females tend to be somewhat more dignified

The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat. They are absolutely stunning creatures, not just because they’re massive, but because they’re gorgeous as well!

Lotus’s Mom created an Instagram account that features her Lotus, and it’s absolutely chock-full of fantastic photos.

You can find her page here, Lotus The Maine Coon.

If you love Maine Coons here’s 25 Maine Coon Kittens “That Are Giants In The Making.”

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