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They Thought They Had Adopted A Black Cat? But Then Things Began To Change?

When David first adopted Scrappy 7 years ago he did not think his completely black cat would undergo such an amazing transformation.

David remembers the day he adopted Scrappy, “Scrappy was sitting on his own,” David recalls, “and though he was cute, we didn’t think others would regard him to be as cute as his siblings.” Strange as it may sound it is very true, black cats have a much lower adoption rate than other cats thanks to old superstitions, “I made the decision to take Scrappy as I knew he would be the last one taken, if at all,” David says.

Scrappy settled into his new life in Davids London home right away and lived up to his new name by tearing around the house and clawing at Davids’ legs. David was fine with it, he was completely in love with his new cat. Scrappy also liked to keep himself occupied by exploring outside, playing with his toys and watching the world go by out the window.

And so that’s how things pretty much went for the next few years until Scrappy turned 7, that’s when David began to notice some subtle changes to Scrappy’s coat.

To find out what happened to Scrappy click next below!

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