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They Became Concerned When They Realized It Wasn’t A Rat, It Was A Tiny Stray Kitten

The kitten was so small at first they thought it was a rat! When they realized it was a kitten they became worried about it, then they noticed it already had a Foster Mom, of sorts!

Wallace and Ann Collito noticed a rat in their back yard, at least that’s what they first thought it was? It was not till a closer inspection was undertaken that they realized it was a tiny stray kitten.

It was so small that became worried about its well being until they noticed this kitten a someone already looking after it, a Foster Mom of sorts. A Foster Mom that came with feathers, a crow!

Screenshot via YouTube Video

They named the unusual pair Cassie and Moses, Cassie being the kitten and Moses being the crow. They looked on in amazement as Moses pulled a morsel out of the earth to feed to his feline friend like he was some furred chick.

He protected her from harm, even keeping her away from the nearby street. He wouldn’t even let Wallace and Ann near his charge, he was a self-appointed Dad and that was all there was to it, though probably a tad overprotective in his new role!

Screenshot via YouTube Video

To say Wallace and Ann were blown away by this turn of events in their back yard would be an understatement.

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The whole affair seemed too incredible, they thought no one would believe what was happening?

Screenshot via YouTube Video

They decided to find a way to prove to people this was really happening.

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