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They Named Their Adopted Cat Duchess. For Good Reason Too. Wait Till You See What She Gave Birth To?!

Her life went from that of a fairy tale Cinderella to a fairy tale princess when her wish came true in the form of her forever family. They named their adopted cat Duchess and just wait till you see what she gave birth to.

Named after the cartoon cat Duchess from the Aristocats, her owner may have not wanted to live a cartoon fairytale life, may not even have wished for one. But Shelby Sewell-Lopez from East Texas 2018 was about to get just that.

Cats have made internet fame many times before by surprising their owners, but none have done it quite as Duchess has. Videos of her became instantly viral for a very good reason, but first a bit of background info.

When Duchess was adopted by Shelby she had just about every feline ailment a cat could have. She had a hernia, she was full of parasites in just about every form and she had almost no hair. Shelby took great care of her and Duchess transformed from a feline Cinderella into a fairy tale feline princess.

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A calm kitty, nothing bothers or fazes her except perhaps the vacuum cleaner.

One day, Duchess was found in a closet with something that at first looked like a mouse.

To meet Duchess’s new family click next below:

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