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They Got Two New Dogs So They Put Her Out Onto The Street To Fend For Herself

10 months ago, Athena, a very friendly feline found herself kicked out of her house. Realizing she would have to fend for herself, she hid under her neighbor’s porch.

Overnight her life had changed, though luckily for Athena over the previous years she had developed a bond with this neighbor. Often she would spend the day relaxing in his yard watching the birds when she was not doing that she would also seek his attention for pats and the odd scratch behind the ear.

The neighbor in question is known as Redmon, and according to his daughter Grace, who is her self another cat lover, Redmon would often feed Athena, she would sometimes even wait for him to come home from work and be right there outside his door when he arrived. Now he was the only one she could turn to, all because she did not get along with her former owners two new dogs.

Courtesy of Grace Redmon

It was not too difficult for Athena to make her way to Redmon’s house as he only lived a couple of doors away from her formers owners house. But soon her appearance began to take on a slightly different look. It was clear that she was pregnant! Life continued on until one day Redmon heard tiny meows coming from under his porch. He did his best to locate the new family but they were well concealed by a very protective Mom.

Courtesy of Grace Redmon

Having had to accept there was no way he could get them out Redmon left the young family to get on with their new lives.

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