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They Found Her Dying, Buried In 5 Tons Of Trash

Not too long ago I wrote an article about how a simple act of random kindness can save a life. Here it is in action again when two garbagemen hear a faint meow coming from a pile of trash.

Early one morning two garbagemen were going about their rounds as they usually do, for them just a routine day. The morning was going as it usually does when they heard a very faint meow? The strange thing about it was that it was coming from a pile of trash?

How could it possibly be coming from in there, no kitten is going to allow itself to be buried that deep in trash? Unless that is, someone had dumped it there.

Right then and there they decided to try and save this little one’s life. They cleared away as much trash as they could, but could not find the buried feline.

The job was too much for them alone so they enlisted the help of a 3rd colleague to help them locate the buried kitten. A shovel and a broom were used to navigate the 5-ton heap of trash.

Their team effort paid off and 30 minutes later they uncovered the buried kitten and immediately headed for the local animal shelter to get the help this little kitten needed.

The kitten has now regained his strength and health and is in good hands thanks to the perseverance of three brave garbagemen. He was instantly adopted by one of the staff working at the shelter and is now happily living with his new owner in his forever home.

This little kitten needed a hero – thankfully he found three of them!

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