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By The Time She Got Home An Employee Had Posted A Photo Of Her Old Couch After Finding A Stowaway Inside!

By the time she got home, an employee had posted a photograph of the donated couch and a cat sitting on top with a message!

A woman living in Carbon County, Pennsylvania is eternally grateful to her friend for convincing her to donate her old couch to a thrift store, instead of her original plan of dropping it off to the local dump.

By the time the pair arrived home after dropping the couch off, they happened to check their Facebook feed to find an employee from the thrift store, Deseret Industries in Price, had posted a photo of her old couch with a cat sitting on top of it!

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“I was like just take it to the D.I., you never know.” Brittnie Arroyo told 2News. “She would have never seen her cat again if she would have taken it to the dump.”

Brittnie was helping her friend Rachel Barbee move said they packed up the couch in the truck and had it just sitting there for about 25 minutes before they took it to the thrift store. They didn’t hear a “meow” or anything like it from the male cat known as Tiny One.

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Rachel and Brittnie hadn’t even been home long enough to realize that her cat was missing. When they were eating they noticed a post on Facebook that someone had shared as a funny online yard sale posting. Arroyo laughed and thought it was funny that someone donated a cat and a couch at the D.I., then she recognized who the cat was.

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Searching everywhere for his missing cat she turns up empty-handed. Then one day she sees a start cat staring right at her.

After two weeks searching for her missing cat, she drops a bag of food four stories down into the darkness, the one place she can’t go.

Brittnie said to Rachel, that’s your cat — you have got to call!” Rachel shouted in amazement, “my baby!”

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An enterprising employee at the store had posted a photo with a message on Facebook and within 30 minutes Rachel was at the store picking up her feline stowaway after seeing it on social media.

This certainly isn’t the first survival experience Tiny One has encountered. The cat was found as a kitten abandoned in the gutter outside of a home. Barbee nursed it back to health and he has grown especially attached to it over the years. She never had any intention at all of giving her cat away. It was a complete accident.

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“We could just not believe,” Arroyo said adding that they had a good laugh at the ridiculous situation with the couch. “It was pretty funny.”

A store employee was shocked at just how quickly the word spread online. He thought that they would be taking it to the shelter for sure. But this store which is known for giving things “a new life,” gave a least one life back to this cat.

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