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They Are Cute, They Are Adorable, They Are Bengal Kittens, And They Are Having The Best Day Ever!

If you are lucky enough to have a Bengal in your home then you know how smart they are, and also how active they are too!

There isn’t a place your home that Bengal kittens won’t try to climb, into or on, which is why it is essential that you provide them with as many opportunities to channel their energy as possible so you don’t end up with having to deal with behavioral problems due to boredom.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Perrine Kennedy

If you thought that one Bengal kitten could be a handful, imagine what a whole littler would be like!? Running about, goofing around, being as cute as only Bengal kittens can. These little cuties will melt your heart instantaneously. One way of keeping these little guys out of trouble is to provide them with a slide.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Perrine Kennedy

And that is what Perrine Kennedy and her husband, Jonathan of Wild Waters Bengals, a Bengal Cattery in Dublin, Ireland have done.

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Listen to the way this Bengal Mom talks to her kittens.

Where the heck have you been Hooman, I’ve been waiting all day!

This husband and wife duo have made sure their Bengals are happy and well, socialized through lots of contact, wide-open spaces and feline activities.

Photo Courtesy of

Brought up in the home the cats also have access to an enclosed garden with its own kitten playground that comes with a slide and a swing.

Photo Courtesy of

In this Youtube video, you’ll see a fierce bunch of miniature Bengals, going up and down the slide, while being monitored by the proud momma the whole time.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Perrine Kennedy

It’s hilarious and adorable at the same time! The kitties just can’t get enough of running around, hunting bugs and wrestling among themselves. Even their mom couldn’t resist joining the fun, gently tackling her babies and sneaking up on them from the bush. It’s amazing how cats teach their young life skills through playtime!

Screenshot via YouTube/ Perrine Kennedy

Perrine made this video just to show the kitten’s adorable playtime to their future owners, but it quickly became viral (once you see it, you’ll understand why).

To watch the video click 2 below! 

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