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There’s No Doubt He’s Cute. But He’s Also So Rare He’s Literally 1 In A Million

So rare in fact that only 1 in 3,000 of his particular breed is male.

Courtesy of lovemeow

That’s right you have probably guessed it, Frank is a calico cat, in fact, he is a calico Scottish Fold, and like all calico males, he is sterile. For a male cat to be calico, he has to have an extra X chromosome (he will have 2 X’s and one Y), very very rare. In human beings, having an extra X chromosome is called Klinefelter Syndrome, cats with this syndrome are nearly always sterile. The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri conducted a study and found that 1 out of every 3,000 calico cats is male!

Courtesy of lovemeow

Because the gene that controls orange and black fur is on the X chromosome – both males and female cats can have orange or black fur. Since females have two X chromosomes, they can also be tortoiseshell, tabby, or calico. A tortoiseshell cat has orange and black patched fur. Calico cats are tortoiseshell that has patches of white fur (unpigmented skin).

Courtesy of lovemeow

String the cat is also a boy calico. He came to Southern Pines Animal Shelter through animal control. This adorable boy is now happy and loved at his forever home.


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