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This Poor Siamese Had Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide.

Along with her brother, she was found living on the streets and brought to a shelter. Very quickly her brother was adopted. But she, with her curled ears and extra toes, was left behind, cowering in her kennel, alone.

And that’s when Jacqueline DeAmor saw her, tucked into the furthest corner of her kennel, cowering. Jacqueline, co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network could see that this little feline needed help, more than that, she needed a home.

What Domino with her extra toes (polydactyl highlander cat) didn’t know, was that she was about to be rescued! Jacqueline organized a foster home for the tiny kitten full of attitude. Hissing and spitting she left the shelter, but as Jacqueline said, “it was all bark and no bite.”

Photo Courtesy of Erica Goren

Before she knew it, a rescue kitten was introduced to her new foster family where she met a Siamese cat. For Domino it was love at first sight, then and there she made up her mind she had met her best friend.

However, her friend to be was not as enthusiastic about this arrangement as Domino.

Photo Courtesy of Erica Goren

Soon this tiny kitten instinctively knew she was going to be OK, she was safe. As her new foster parents, Erica Goren and Nic Pappas picked her up, very quickly hisses turned to purrs and she didn’t want to be put back down.

After being initially rebuffed by Charlotte, the Siamese, Domino spent the next few hours with Nick. Receiving all the love and affection her little body and extra toes could take.

Photo Courtesy of Erica Goren

Charlotte on the other hand really didn’t know what to make of this interloper? Domino, though, was very clear about what she thought of the blued eyed Siamese.

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For some reason, even though she was the larger cat, Charlotte would hiss at the newcomer then take off. But the resilient little kitten would take this on the chin and carry on with her self-appointed mission to win the Siamese over.

Photo Courtesy of Erica Goren

She followed the reluctant Charlotte where ever she went, there was virtually nowhere to hide.

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