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The Very Day She Had To Say Good-Bye To Her Elderly Cat, She Was Visited By A Furry Angel

She had put her lifetime friend to sleep that morning when she was asked to take a rescue cat to the vet. On that day her life changed!

The start to the day had not been an easy one for Kirsten Seeger, a volunteer with the Stray Cat Alliance, Los Angeles, California. She had had to put down her lifelong companion and best friend, a 15-year-old cat elderly cat, that morning. When she was asked to pick up a cat from a TNR operation concentrating on feral cats in South LA and take him to the vet.

Agreeing to the job what she found was a very friendly, not at all feral 8-year-old Siamese long-hair. Apparently, the trapper had realized Champion was not feral and thought he should be put up for adoption instead.

Photo Courtesy of Kirsten Seeger

Champion was not all well when he was found and taken off the streets, he had to spend that Christmas in the shelter. On the day that Kirsten picked him up, he was still experiencing skin problems so it was Kirsten’s job to take him to a dermatologist.

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On the way, Champion was not liking being locked up in the carrier and wanted out. Kirsten relented and was presented with a cat wanting head rubs and belly rubs. The vet actually thought he was Kirsten’s cat after seeing him, he was that friendly.

Photo Courtesy of Kirsten Seeger

Kirsten said no, but the vet noted that Champion appeared to feel differently.

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