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The Top Twelve Best ‘I Don’t Own A Cat” Moments Of All Time!’

Most humans are of the opinion that we choose our pets, and to be honest that is usually the case, but not always.

There is one pet that, sets itself apart of this group, slightly aloof, very independent, he or she sometimes chooses what human he or she would prefer to live with. These humans go from saying, “I don’t own a cat,” to saying, “I own a cat?”

Cats have many ways of choosing the right human, some will choose the look at me, “I’m so cute you cannot resist me,” route. Others will try to surprise the human in unexpected places like parks, forests or even the humans own back yard. These sly felines know the human can not bear the thought of leaving them there.

Others prefer to take the more direct route by simply moving into the humans home while the human is out, surprising the human with the fact they now have a cat when they return. That way the human has no choice in the matter. These cats now have a home.

Below are the top twelve, “I Don’t Own A Cat,” moments of all time. Twelve unsuspecting humans who have gone from not having a cat, to having a cat, often in the space of a few seconds. Enjoy!

#1. This is not his dog, nor is this his cat! However, every morning he finds them sitting in exactly the same place in front of his house.

#2. Waking up to this.

#3. This cute little creature showed up in my backyard today.

#4. My mum started feeding a random stray cat a week ago. This is what the front porch of my house looked like today.

#5. This stray cat has been wandering on the streets near my home since summers. Today, we decided to let him in to save it from the chilly winds. After an hour, I found him like this.

For five more hilarious “I don’t own a cat,” moments click 2 below!

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