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The Look That Melted His Rescuers Heart

He found an abandoned kitten crawling around the street adjacent to a wooded area, and thought he was either born there and accidentally left by his Mom, or worst of all, just dumped there.

Matt picked the tiny kitten up and brought him into his truck, the moment he did this, this is the look he got!


Talk about a heart-melting moment. After that, he climbed up onto his shoulder, trying to make himself right at home.


The next day Matt took him to the vet to get him looked over and to get rid of fleas. As soon as he was brought back to the truck he fell asleep. Matt didn’t have the heart wake him when he got home though he did mention, “I found a stray that snores as loud as a train!”


He waited patiently for about an hour till he woke up just listening to music the whole time. He was given the name Kaya and likes soft things to lie on like carpet, and beds. I can completely agree with him there.


He’s now living happily with a family and another rescue cat. Two months later, he’s grown into a beautiful tabby cat!

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