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Now That They Are Old Enough She Takes Her Entire Litter Of Kittens To Meet An Old Friend

Many of us have heard the old saying “they are fighting like cats and dogs.” A term used to describe the long-held belief regarding the relationship between the two species.

And yes, more than often than not cats and dogs don’t get along. However, this is not always the case. Cats and dogs can, and quite often do, become good friends. Having life long relationships some new friends even become old friends.

Just do a quick search online and more often than not you will great examples of loving interspecies relationships between the two old enemies.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay/Eveline de Bruin

One video on YouTube in particular, really illustrates how close a bond can actually develop between cats and dogs. From Russia, the clip shows a cat who has recently had kittens going to meet an old friend.

What makes this video even more interesting is she is not alone. She is bringing her whole litter of kittens to introduce them to her dog buddy in what can only be described as a heart-melting moment.

Screenshot via YouTube /ignoramusky

What can be seen right away is that these two know each other, and even more importantly, that they get along.

The dog’s tail is wagging the whole time as they touch noses in greeting.

Screenshot via YouTube /ignoramusky

While there is not too much in the way of a back story to the video, Metro did provide some details as to why this was going on.

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He was clearly lonely because once he met her dog he kept coming back for more!

“According to the video poster the cat, a stray, has spent many years on the streets of Russia with the dog, and decided to bring her new kittens to meet her old friend when they got old enough.”

Screenshot via YouTube /ignoramusky

Soon one of the kittens enters the scene, braver than her siblings she takes it upon herself to interrupt the reintroduction proceedings.

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