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Surrendered By His Owner He Should Look Sad! But All He Wants Is A Second Chance At Life

His tiny eyes give him a perpetual frown, but don’t let that fool you. It just adds to his overall cuteness.

Cheese initially had a good reason to look sad, he was surrendered by his owner. But things took a turn for the better when he was taken to Meow Parlour in New York for a second chance at life.

Photo Courtesy of Meow Parlour

Staff saw his trademark frown right away, but Cheese wasn’t really sad, he has a congenital condition known as microphthalmia, this causes his eyeballs to be small than regular eyeballs.

This doesn’t slow him down though, he does all the things other cats do. Above all, he is very affectionate and loves attention, so staff makes sure that is exactly what he gets.

Photo Courtesy of Meow Parlour

His appearance has won many people over on social media, he could be on the fast track to becoming a feline celebrity.

Although he looks a little different, according to Christina Ha of Meow Parlour, he doesn’t actually require any additional medical care at all.

Photo Courtesy of Meow Parlour

Unlike this kitten who looked like he had eyes but actually had none, Cheese can see, he just gets on with life.

To find out if Cheese gets a second chance click next below!

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