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She Gave An Adorable Stray Cat A Room For The Night. Very Quickly She Became Eight Cats In One!

Rachel had no plans to adopt a cat, the thought had never occurred to her. Until one day a very cute ginger cat appeared on her porch with other plans for Rachel.

Rachel, known as EnigmaWearingHeels on Imgur, did the right thing and fed this rather forward feline, then followed this up with a room for the night. The cat showed her thanks with lots of purrs and very content expression at this unexpected kindness.


Before sanity had any chance of settling in, it was too late and Rachel was in love.

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When he opened the door she walked in and made herself right at home.

Showing up out of nowhere she was soon rejected by all the other stray cats!

She decided to keep this lovely cat, giving her the name Boots for her set of white socks.


So off to the vet they went where Boots purred non-stop, even while she laid on the scales.

This little loving ball of fluff laid on the scale at the vet, purring.


Boots had a surprise for Rachel though, not quite as sudden as it was for this man, the day after Christmas.

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