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After Destroying His Headphones, This Cat Comes Home With What She Thinks Is A Suitable Replacement!

Things did not end well when Haryanto’s cat was on his bed playing with his headphones. So to make up for her overexuberance she came home with a replacement.

Photo Courtesy of Pherwirra Ramadhani

Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani lives in Indonesia with what is clearly a very thoughtful kitty. While playing with his earbuds she apparently tore them in two. Haryanto was not happy with his now useless earbuds so told his cat off, feeling guilty, she ran off. Then this cat comes home with a bit of a surprise.

Photo Courtesy of Pherwirra Ramadhani

She must have given some thought to the whole situation though and decided to make amends.

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You can watch the whole story below:

An hour later his cat returned home, but not without bringing a gift for her human – a tiny snake! The surprise gift caught Haryanto completely off guard. And although the dead snake couldn’t replace the ruined cable, it’s the thought that counts!

Photo Courtesy of Pherwirra Ramadhani

And after posting this lovely story on Facebook it has received over 9,000 reactions and had around 6,50o shares. Some of them praised this caring cat saying that it was a smart move and was trying to make amends with her human. What a clever and thoughtful kitty.

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She was told she could bring her five and a half-month-old kitten home to die. Or, allow the vet to try something she had never tried before!

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