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She Just Showed Up, Wandered Inside And Made Herself Right At Home. Then Surprises Them By Giving Birth In Their Living Room!

They are having a get-together at home when a stray cat just shows up out of the blue! When they opened their door she walked right in!

Angela Watts and James Harold were having a relaxing get together with friends when a stray cat wandered onto their front porch. After crying at their door they opened it and she wandered right on in making her self right at home.

They had been thinking about getting a cat and felt, perhaps this was meant to be?

Photo Courtesy of @MidnaTwili

“We decided to keep her and after we gave her a bath she fell asleep in my hands,” said James. “It just seemed obvious that she needed help and that we could provide that help.”

Photo Courtesy of @MidnaTwili

The patterns on her fur reminded them of the clouds on a certain gassy planet, so they gave her the name Jupiter.

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Suffering from grief after losing her entire litter she is soon approached by a homeless orphan.

They took her in to get spayed only to find another litter in her belly!

“She is aptly named, for she has become our Gassy Planet,” Watts told The Dodo. “She has farted in my face on multiple occasions.”

Photo Courtesy of @MidnaTwili

They soon found out why Jupiter and been searching for the right home, she was pregnant and wanted a safe place to raise her babies.

They had initially thought her round belly had been due to a parasitic infection, common in many stray cats.

Photo Courtesy of @MidnaTwili

“I was sure she had worms. When we took her to the vet the next day the nurse suspected that she was instead pregnant, and we became excited at the possibility,” said Angela.

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