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She Walked Right Up To Him One Frigid Evening An Adopted Him

Cats are known for initially being fairly aloof when meeting a human for the first time. However, once you meet their criteria and they accept you, you truly do have a friend for life.

As an Imgur user, Potato Wasteland (PW) was about to find out! He was walking back to his car one very cold night when a tiny ginger slip of a kitten ran right up to him as though he was someone she had not seen for years.

He couldn’t just leave her there, freezing in the cold, so he brought her home with him.


PW made her up a cozy bed for the night in his garage in the form of a box with blankets to curl up in. He took some photos and posted them on Facebook just in case someone was looking for her. The next morning it was off to the animal shelter for a microchip scan.


A staff member explained that she was likely a stray and the shelter was already woefully overcrowded, so PW agreed to foster the little cutie until she is big enough to be spayed. This way, he can have her surgery and vaccinations done at a discounted cost.


PW is considering naming his new kitty Biscuit or Sunbeam. He intends to bring her back to the shelter in about a week. If she is over two pounds she can have her surgery and PW can officially adopt her!

“I didn’t choose the kitty life. The kitty life chose me,” PW wrote.


I think we can all relate to that!

Adoptions come in many forms, look at what she did to get adopted in freezing conditions.

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