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She Waits Pawing At The Window For Anyone, Anyone At All Asking, Please Take Me Home.

Her human had passed on and she missed her so much, now she just wants a new home.

So she will run to the window any time someone passes by, sometimes pawing at the window as if she is asking, “please take me home.”

Her name is Sienna, she’s black and white and now 13 years old. She’s also managed to completely win over the staff at “Tabby’s Place,” located in Ringoes, New Jersey.

When you walk into this cat sanctuary you are guaranteed a warm welcome that’s for sure.

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A stray kitten ran up to him desperately meowing for help. Scooping him up she was about to go inside when she heard the pitter-patter of tiny paws?

His confidence knocked, he was dumped at the shelter not once but four times!

She wants you!

And “the staff and volunteers are gaga for her too, she just has so much personality. She’s missing her human very much.

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