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Retreating To The Back Of The Cage Her Ears Down, She Did Her Best To Appear Invisible

They came to adopt a cat but instead saw an overwhelmed kitten doing her best to hide in her cage. They knew they had to at least try to coax her out of her shell.

Amelia had been rescued as a stray kitten around a month ago through a TNR (trap-neuter-return) mission in Burlington, North Carolina. Motherless the tiny tuxedo kitten had been trying to survive all by herself.

Starving at the time, rescuers reached out to Sparkle Cat Rescue who stepped in right away to help her. A foster volunteer was found, and Amelia quickly settled into life in a comfortable loving home.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Sparkle Cat Rescue

She quickly became quite a cuddler, a talker too, having quite lengthy conversations with her foster Mom Rowan.

“She’s a very thoughtful kitten who loves to cuddle and converse,” Rowan wrote. “She loves to be right next to her person for hugs and makes an excellent nap time neck warmer.”

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Sparkle Cat Rescue

Last weekend Amelia was brought to an adoption event, it was hoped she might find her forever home. However, she soon became too overwhelmed by being somewhere so unfamiliar. Very shy, she retreated into herself, and also into the farthest corner of her cage.

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Cowering in the corner, hiding behind another cat he wouldn’t let her come near him.

Watch her reaction when she sees what the vet has been hiding from her!

While other kittens at the event put their best paw forward to be adopted, Amelia did her best to appear invisible.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Sparkle Cat Rescue

It was heartbreaking to see.

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