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She Only Lost Sight Of Him For A Few Seconds. But With Access To The Microwave, That’s All It Took.

She only lost sight of him for a few seconds, but with a four-year-old, a few seconds is all it takes.

12 years ago Denise Walsh used to work as a veterinarians assistant while living in Florida. One afternoon she remembers receiving a call from a woman who was completely frantic, horrified her four-year-old son had turned on the microwave.

While that was scary in and of its self, what was worse was what he had placed in the microwave. He had gotten away from her attention only for a few seconds when she heard the sound of the microwave. Rushing into the kitchen she slammed the door open only to find their sweet 5-week old kitten inside.

Completely horrified she rushed the badly burned kitten to the vets never to return. Abandoning the kitten who was now recovering, receiving ongoing treatment for her severe wounds.

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