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Heavily Pregnant She Asks To Be Let Inside For The First Time So She Can Deliver Her Babies

Heavily pregnant and knowing she was due any day now, there was only one place she felt safe when delivering her babies.

When a local cat realized she would be delivering her babies any day, there was only one place she wanted to go where she knew both she and her kittens would be safe.

Salami had started visiting Ida Floreak’s house last year in early fall after she had spied Ida’s cat hanging out in the backyard.

Photo Courtesy of Ida Floreak

“She came by and she really liked him,” Floreak, a painter who lives in New Orleans, told The Dodo. “They’d sniff around each other and she was more interested in him than he was in her. It was definitely clear that she was here to see him — which was sweet.”

Soon Ida was leaving food out for the tiny stray and before she knew it the young cat was showing up on her doorstep every morning meowing for food. Through eager to be fed, she was still extremely skittish.

Photo Courtesy of Ida Floreak

Then, the little black cat started to get a bit of a belly. “My goal was to be able to take her in to be fixed and vaccinated,” Ida said. “But before she was comfortable enough for that, she was visibly pregnant.”

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Her decision to sneak back in and deliver her babies might just have saved her life!

Heavily pregnant she escapes a high kill shelter and crosses state lines to give her babies a chance at life.

The closer Salami got to her due date, the more time she started spending around Ida, getting to the point she would even allow herself to be brushed. One day though she showed up at Ida’s house much earlier than normal?

Photo Courtesy of Ida Floreak

“She came by at 5 and was squeaking very insistently in a way that seemed out of character,” Ida said.

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