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After Living As A Stray Cat For Six Years She Suddenly Sees Her Former Owner!

Cats can get lost for all sorts of reasons. With indoor cats its usually because when they manage to escape the confines of their homes, they don’t know the immediate surroundings in their local area.

That’s what happened to Julie, a beautiful black cat with a white spot on her belly. Due to an illness, Julie’s family was not able to mount a full-scale search for her. She was now trying to survive as a stray cat.

Her owner Jon Gulla was diagnosed with lymphoma shortly after she disappeared. So it looked like unless she found her way back home, Julie was gone forever? However, as the years went by, they always held onto a sliver of hope.

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He refused to let go, it was the only link to his former life he had!

She has been waiting in the same spot for over a year for them to come home!

They had been keeping up with news on the internet regarding lost pets, and so it was that a family member happened to see a post on PawBoost Lost and Found Pets.

This wasn’t just any post, it was a post about a black cat with a white spot on her belly.

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