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She Had Just Lost Her Mate. Then She Gave Everyone A Huge Surprise!

This species is so rare there is only 116 of them the entire planet! In Ramat Gan Safari Park, Israel there is only one left!

Her name is Rotem and she was not always the only Sand Cat in the park, now she is in mourning, her mate Kalahari has just passed away.

He had only arrived from Sweden last September in the hope the pair would become mates. But the two of them avoided each other like the plague for most of the time they were together.

However, soon after Karahari had passed on Rotem had a huge surprise for everyone. One that was completely unexpected and would amaze everyone!

One day, the staff discovered that Rotem had given birth to a litter of three healthy kittens. Everyone was in complete shock.

“We had been extremely worried,” said Sigal Horowitz, spokeswoman of the Safari. “Here we had gone to all this effort to bring her a mate, a full year ago, and nothing was happening. And these are critical years for sand cats – they don’t live forever.”

Rotem the new mama takes excellent care of her three adorable, precious kittens.

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