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Soon It Wasn’t Just An Accessory It Was An Obsession, Going With Her Wherever She Went!

Her sister decided to knit a scarf during quarantine but ran out of yarn! The scarf was too small so she decided to give it to Cinnamon the cat and got an unexpected reaction!

Cinnamon a 17-year old cat doesn’t like wearing clothing of any sort so Callie and her sister were very surprised at the unexpected reaction they got when they gave her a cashmere scarf!

“During quarantine, my sister was bored so she decided to knit a scarf with this really pretty cashmere yarn that she had,” Callie told The Dodo. “However, she sort of ran out of yarn and the scarf was really small.”

The senior cat fell in love with her unexpected gift almost immediately. She developed more than just an obsession with it. So much so she now insists on wearing it everywhere she goes!

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They go where she goes.

He’s so attached to it he takes wherever he goes.

“Cinnamon instantly fell in love with it and now wears it around all the time,” Callie said. “She just likes to sleep and snuggle with it and wear it around the house.”

She feels very comfortable with her little scarf, she wears it every minute of every day. It doesn’t matter what she may be up to, whether she is eating, sleeping, or playing, it never comes off.

“I think Cinnamon loves her scarf because she has never gotten a gift like that before,” Callie said.

“We always get her little catnip treats and play toys, but never something like a blanket.”

“Since she is older she likes to sleep a lot so it is definitely something nice for her to snuggle with,” Callie said.


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“Cinnamon also sat with Ella while she made it so she knows it was made with love.”

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