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She Caught The Neighbors Cat In Her Garden.

She catches her neighbors cat in her garden and does something almost unbelievable. What adds extra disgust is she owns a cat!

Warning, some people may find the images in this post disturbing!

April Hawes, 38, caught her neighbor’s cat in her garden, instead of picking Shadow up and taking him back to the neighbors to discuss the issue with what the cat was doing she took rather more extreme action which was all caught on CCTV.

She picked Shadow, an 8-month-old kitten, up by the scruff of the neck and marched 25 feet over to her neighbors absolutely furious, shouting, ” I’m going to knock her out,” as she flung the terrified cat at the front door!

The kitten landed on the pavement, bruised and petrified. Throwing a defenseless cat once was not enough, so she threw Shadow twice, achieving the same result.

Picture: SWNS

On Friday Hawes appeared in court in Norfolk, England admitting throwing the cat at her neighbor’s door. She had pleaded guilty to the act of causing suffering to a protected animal at an earlier appearance on March 1st.

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Shadow’s owners Kevin Yarham and Sophie Baker could hear Hawes on their CCTV screaming that she hoped they could see her throwing the cat. Kevin mentioned that cats are animals that just do what they do, Shadow was scenting near her house.

Apparently, Hawes was annoyed by all the neighborhood cats coming to her home. Adding that she had not wished to harm the cat.

In court, she said that she was remorseful for the act that she had committed.

Picture: SWNS

“She just picked him up and threw him as he was scenting – I have no idea why she did this.”

“This happened just after eight o’clock in the morning. “I heard a lot of shouting around outside and two massive bangs at the door within a minute.

“After breakfast I found Shadow’s collar had come off, I called him immediately and he came to me very shaken, I put him back in the house.

“I woke up Sophie she checked the CCTV footage an there was April throwing Shadow twice.

Picture: SWNS

“Our children were both in the property at the time of the incident, they were both having breakfast while it happened.”

Kevin said Shadow suffered soft tissue damage and is now “very nervous around women” – he did not require veterinary treatment and her owner was not seeking compensation.

Anne-Marie Sheridan, defending Hawes, said she suffered post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Magistrates sentenced Hawes to a 12-month community order with 30 days’ rehabilitation activity. She was also ordered to pay £85 in costs and a victim surcharge of £85.

Picture: SWNS

Kevin said: “I would describe the sentence as an insult to all animal owners it’s a disgrace and far too soft. “It’s an insult to all the people who suffer PTSD, this is no excuse.

“And the fact she owns a cat after she has done this is shocking. “Kings Lynn magistrates hold your head in shame.

“The sentence given was a disgrace not just for us but for all cat owners an animal lovers.

“It’s an embarrassment so much for tougher sentences for animal abuse, clearly the courts don’t care.

You can watch the full video here:

“The sentence was very light. She doesn’t deserve an animal. And the kings magistrates are a joke hardly worth the police time.

“The whole community is disgusted.”

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Cowering in the corner, he was hiding behind another cat, he wouldn’t let her come near him!

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