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She Adopted An Adorable Stray Who Very Quickly Became Eight Cats In One!

Rachel had no plans to adopt a cat, the thought had never occurred to her. Until one day a very cute ginger cat appeared on her porch with other plans for Rachel.

Rachel, known as EnigmaWearingHeels on Imgur, did the right thing and fed this rather forward feline, then followed this up with a room for the night. The cat showed her thanks with lots of purrs and very content expression at this unexpected kindness.


Before sanity had any chance of settling in, it was too late and Rachel was in love. She decided to keep this lovely cat, giving her the name Boots for her set of white socks.


So off to the vet they went where Boots purred non-stop, even while she laid on the scales. “This little loving ball of fluff laid on the scale at the vet, purring.

I’ve never met a sweeter, gentler cat,” Rachel told Love Meow.

Boots had a surprise for Rachel though, not quite as sudden as it was for this man, the day after Christmas. It was at least something she had time to plan for. A litter of kittens was about to join this new family, Rachel was told to expect four to five little fur balls. As this family of two was about to become a family of six to seven.


At home, the new cat pawrent offered Boots as much food as her pregnant belly desired – which was a lot!

“She was eating more food than I thought possible — it was quite impressive…. She now ran this house and completely overtook all of my usual sensibilities.”


On the morning of November 26, Rachel awoke to the tiny sound of kitten mews coming from Boots’ room. It was time to meet the newest additions to the family!

“We woke up to SEVEN baby beans in a cute kitten pile! I was shocked,” Rachel said. “We got 6 orange tabbies that look like mama and one solid white.”


Before she knew it, Rachel was the pawrent of eight-cats-in-one!

Boots has proven herself to be a wonderful, attentive mama to her babies whom Rachel decided to name after the seven dwarves. The white kitty is Doc, the leader of the dwarves, because he is very bossy with his littermates. Dopey, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, and Sneezy round out the rest of the litter.


When they are old enough, Rachel plans to adopt the kittens out to loving homes. Boots, however, has already found her forever home!

“Boots adopted me and I just went with it,” Rachel said. “Seven babies is a tad overwhelming but It’s an incredibly special experience.”

She crossed two state lines to deliver her kittens.

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