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Robert Wagner Is Volunteering. But Its Where He Is Volunteering That Is So Special

Its that time of the year again and animal shelters across the country are starting to be overwhelmed with newborn kittens and puppies.

Along with newborn kittens, many pregnant Moms are arriving in shelters throughout the country too. This is great in the sense that a Mom can provide a kitten with all that it needs, making it easier for shelter staff. Its when kittens come in without Moms that things get tricky.

Todd Roisman/Best Friends Animal Society

A newborn kitten requires around the clock care and attention, especially when they are under eight weeks old! This is when volunteers are really needed and oh so important. Best Friends Animal Society owe so much to volunteers who give these tiny babies a chance at life and the chance at finding a loving home.

One of the best ways to help with this influx of kittens at Best Friends is to volunteer for one of their shifts. They have shifts right throughout the day and nights too.

Todd Roisman/Best Friends Animal Society

Robert Wagner recently signed up for one of these shifts at the  Best Friends Animal Society Lifesaving Center in Los Angeles, where he spent several hours carefully bottle-feeding hungry newborn kittens.

Here is what Wagner had to say about his day cuddling up with some of the shelter’s smallest residents.

It is the highlight of my day interacting with animals. It’s one of the most marvelous things to happen to a human being to have a relationship with an animal. Their presence is a comfort. It’s also such a personal relationship. They’re always there to listen. We all need that.

It was wonderful! There were many volunteers and seeing them interacting with the animals was such a positive thing. The kittens were adorable and, like all of us, they’re anxious to be fed!

If you don’t have the ability to foster, look for a kitten nursery near you. They usually operate around the clock, so there are times any time of the day or night to volunteer.

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