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Dumped On The Sidewalk And Riddled With Fleas. The Tiny Kitten Cried Whenever She Tried To Put Him Down.

Someone and dumped him, unloved and clearly uncared for right in front of the entrance to a PetSmart store.

So sick the tiny kitten was riddled with fleas, therefore, perhaps they even though they were doing the right thing? Though clearly, this is not the case. They might have thought leaving him in front of a pet store wasn’t such a bad thing to do?

His being dumped wasn’t as bad as the way this kitten was dumped!

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However, the point is, whatever they may have thought, he was dumped, unwanted and uncared for.

As the woman who found him pointed out, he was also in really bad condition, so he wasn’t being looked after in the first place.

He was only a few weeks old at the time and absolutely riddled with fleas. Along with the fleas he was in very poor health with an eye infection and a combination of other minor issues, he was in the early stages of a downward spiral.

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